ReBoot Adventure Games was a series of gamebooks based on the ReBoot series published in the United Kingdom in 1995. The books were played by keeping track of "Access Codes" (a useful clue or item), Game stars (earned through successful play in a Game Cube), and sometimes rolling a six-sided die. The books were written by Dave Morris, who had a history writing interactive literature.

There was always this description at the back of the cover of each book along with it's original plot:

"Access the incredible virtual World of TV's REBOOT!
With this gamebook you can join Bob, Dot and Enzo in an exciting adventure. There are life-and-death decisions to be made and it's up to YOU!
It's alphanumeric!"

Books in Series

Book No. Title Picture Back Cover Description Games
The Virus Hunter
ReBoot (Adventure Game) 1.jpg
A new arrival in Mainframe claims to be able to kills viruses, but Bob suspects the mysterious stranger is out to delete even more...
The Knight Watchmen
ReBoot (Adventure Game) 2.jpg
A group of strange warriors have found their way into Mainframe - but are they what they seem?
Martial Arts Thing
Racing the Clock
(Based on the episode of the same name)
ReBoot (Adventure Game) 3.jpg
Enzo's delivery service is in business at last. But with Megabyte as his first customer, he's heading straight into big trouble...
Formula One
Virtual Life
ReBoot (Adventure Game) 4.jpg
A weird vegetation programme has taken root in Mainframe. The city will become a jungle unless it can be stopped in time...
Horse Race


  • For some reason, if the reader loses a Game, the books say that the sector is nullified but the sprite characters the reader might be controlling at the time are unaffected and the story proceeds normally. This despite the text acknowledging that Nulls are the victims of the system losing a Game.
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