ReBoot Adventure Games was a series of gamebooks based on the ReBoot series published in the United Kingdom in 1995. The books were played by keeping track of "Access Codes" (a useful clue or item), Game stars (earned through successful play in a Game Cube), and sometimes rolling a six-sided die. The books were written by Dave Morris, who had a history writing interactive literature.

Books in SeriesEdit

  • 1. The Virus Hunter

A mysterious sprite who hunts viruses arrives in Mainframe, but is he a help or a danger all his own? (Includes the Game Battledroids)

  • 2. The Knight Watchmen

After beating the last Game, computerized knights claiming to have arrived from the supercomputer through a stabilized tear arrive in Mainframe to help defend the system. Bob has never heard of them and grows suspicious... (Includes the Game "Martial Arts Thing")

  • 3. Racing the Clock

Based on the episode of the same name.

  • 4. Virtual Life

The citizens of Mainframe wake up one morning to find the city overrun with "weird fractal vegetation". (Includes the Game "Horse Race")

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