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ReBoot: Journey Into Chaos was the second of two IMAX Ridefilms based on the CGI world of ReBoot. The first "ReBoot: The Ride", opened at Sega City@Playdium (now simply called Playdium) in Mississauga, Ontario on October 17, 1997. Viewers sit in an 18-passenger vehicle mounted on an orthogonal motion base. The film is projected at forty-eight frames per second onto a fourteen-foot 180° spherically curved screen. The ride played at the Circus Circus in the Adventure Dome in Las Vegas and then later was moved down the strip to The Luxor, where it ran up until 2007.

The second featurette produced in the fall of that year. This was subsequently opened at Playdium in Burnaby, British Columbia and ran for a brief time. Like the first ride, it conflicts with the storyline behind the TV series and is not considered canonical by the creators or fanbase.

Ride Plot[]

This ride travels through the mind of the chaotic virus Hexadecimal. The audience is guided by Mike the TV, wisecracking reporter and Herr Doktor, self-esteemed mad scientist of Mainframe. Herr has invented a Random Access Memory machine where the audience is taken on a wild journey into the mind and memories of the computer virus to discover what exactly makes her tick. Each different mood and emotion created featured a unique environment.

They follow Mike and Herr through foggy, twilight-lit canyons, childhood nurseries, a nightclub, and finally a stormy ocean.


  • A statue of Hexadecimal is seen parodying the Statue of Liberty.

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