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Rasta Mon

Rasta Mon is a reddish-purple sprite with spiky hair and small sunglasses. He mostly hangs out in Al's Wait & Eat. (The Quick and the Fed)

He is one of the few sprites to ever appear in Mainframe besides Bob, Dot, and Enzo and apparently one of the few to survive the nullification of the majority of Sprites caused by the destruction of the Twin City.

When Dot and Bob began to fiercely argue with each other, he joined a group of concerned Mainframers at the Principal Office where they asked Phong for advice. Rasta is paraplegic, unable to walk he is confined to a levitating wheelchair. (The TIFF)


  • His name is a play on "Rastafarian" and "raster monitor".
  • Rasta Mon's name was never said on screen and the character never talked. After the first season he was never seen again.