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Twin City Principal Office

The Principal Office is the Twin City's central operating center. It houses the System Operating Core, the Core Control Chamber, the cities Archives, and had a large Auditorium.. The Twin City cannot survive without the Principal Office.

The Twin City Principal Office had similar architecture to Mainframe's Principal Office, and similarly it housed the central operating center for the city.

Twin City Principal Office

Unlike the Mainframe counterpart, there was no Sub-Sphere visible atop the Twin City's Principal Office.

It is unknown who the Keeper of the Core for the Twin City was, it is possible that it was Phong, but no one has been seen leading more than one city.

Principal Office's Auditorium

Professor Welman Matrix had long dreamed of the Net, believing there were other Systems beyond Mainframe. A theory that won him many critics among Sprites in the Twin City who strongly believed nothing else existed within Cyber Space.

Auditorium with audience of Sprites

He needed to get proof and so constructed the Gateway Command inside the Twin City's Principal Office Auditorium and unveil its findings to a Sprite audience, conducted in an experiment. This would have allowed Mainframers to visit these systems.

Principal Office entrance

Professor Matrix soon unveiled the Gateway Command at a large conference held in the Twin City Principal Office. A large audience of Sprites attended the demonstration. When Welman activated the Gateway it locked onto the largest energy source outside of Mainframe, the Super Computer and the powerful Super Virus Gigabyte. It accidentally brought him to the city. Gigabyte's energy overloaded the Gateway Command in the process. The resulting blast damaged the Twin Cities Operating Core, causing it to explode, destroying the Principal Office, and the rest of the city. A powerful shock wave spread out from the Twin City, damaging Mainframe. The explosion had nullified everyone in the Twin City and tore apart Gigabyte into two viruses, Megabyte and Hexadecimal.

All that is left of the beautiful city is a tiny island now named Lost Angles. It is still connected to Mainframe by the Gilded Gate Bridge, now horribly twisted. Hexadecimal took the island as her home as she found the ruin's chaotic nature to her liking. She added a massive tower to the island's ruins, naming it her Lair.


  • The most widely accepted theory about the Twin City disaster is that Mainframe and the Twin City were two computers networked together and that when the Twin City was destroyed that computer had a hard drive meltdown, making it unrecoverable.
  • The Twin City was first mentioned in the episode AndrAIa.
  • The first time the Twin City and it's Principal Office were seen was in the episode Daemon Rising.