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The Principal Office of the Super Computer

The Principal Office is the central operating center of the Super Computer. It consists of a large golden colored tower and twelve surrounding subsystems, connected by bridges in a clock-like arrangement. The structure houses the System Operating Core, the Core Control Chamber, and the system's Central Archives. Prime Guardian Turbo runs the system from within the Principal Office. The Super Computer cannot survive without the Principal Office.

Guardian Council

It is unknown if the Guardian Council room was located in the Principal Office, but it is the most likely location for the dark meeting room of the leading members of the Guardians.

Daemon's Throne Room

When the virus Daemon infected the Super Computer she took the Principal Office as her headquarters where she would plan the invasion of the entire Net. She set up her throne room inside the Clock Speed Room, and posted several Guardian Sentries around the throne room.

Observation Gallery

There is an observation gallery at the top of the Principal Office just below its pointed spire. It is a pavilion with massive windows and a balcony where people can walk and observe anything going on outside of the building. From here the entire Super Computer can be seen. There are large marble hourglasses lining the outer edge of the gallery. Daemon enjoyed walking along the gallery, observing her kingdom. She took Mike the TV for a walk in the gallery when he arrived in the Super Computer, and AndrAIa spent some time there when she was lonely without Matrix.

Daemon's Throne Room

Throne Room View Screen

Daemon sent Zoom Rooms out of the Super Computer that brought Mike the TV and AndrAIa directly to her throne room. Mike put on a small concert for Daemon in her throne room. Matrix and Mouse managed to infiltrated the Principal Office, and sneaked into the throne room to try to assassinate Daemon. It is unknown how they got past the Guardian Armada or through the buildings security.


  • It is never stated on screen that Turbo is the Keeper of the Core or System Leader of the Super Computer, but since no other individual has been seen in a leadership roll, it is assumed that Turbo fills this function.
  • The name 'Master Clock' is sometimes used to reference the Super Computer's Principal Office, as it is somewhat unique from the other Principal Office's seen in ReBoot. It is referenced on the Unofficial ReBoot website. However, this is considered a fan made name.