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Spectral System Principal Office

The Principal Office in the Spectral System is a massive sky scraper that dwarfs all the other buildings in the city. The control chamber for the Principal Office is located in a small yellow structure at the top of the building. Inside there are several control panels along the walls and a central table that projects a holographic display of the system. (Where No Sprite Has Gone Before)

Principal Office Control Chamber

The building houses the System Operating Core, the Core Control Chamber, the cities Central Archives, and later the War Room. The Principal Office also manages all system upgrades. Mainframe cannot survive without the Principal Office.

The Principal Office is even larger than a Game Cube.

Inside the systems Principal Office

The Spectral System has no ports to the Net. Beyond the city there is a rocky landscape and a large mountain range, there is no visible Energy Sea. Its possible that the Energy Sea in this system works like an underground spring.

The Spectral System is a small system inhabited completely by Spectrals. They are not able to reboot, so they reformatted some of themselves into Sprites.