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Preying Mantes Virus.jpg
Praying Mantis Virus
Format Virus
First Appearance Icons
Hobby Attacking sprites and binomes
Catchphrase "What? A Guardian?"
Voice Actor Scott McNeil
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The Praying Mantis Virus was an unnamed virus infecting a Damaged System. Little is known about this virus. It was well acquainted with Guardians, despite the system having no ports to the Net; it's possible it entered the system by a download. The system it was living in had been severely damaged by the virus and by Game Cubes, being only one lost game away from crashing.

Praying Mantis Virus attacked by Matrix

When Matrix and AndrAIa entered the system, Glitch detected the Praying Mantis virus when it did a system scan. Matrix immediately ran off to find it. He found the virus among the city's ruined buildings attacking a small sprite, later nicknamed Backup. The virus was getting mad because Backup was throwing stones at it, and would have deleted Backup if Matrix hadn't jumped on top of it. The Praying Mantis virus was surprised to see a Guardian in the system and begged for mercy. Matrix told the virus he wasn't a Guardian, but a renegade, and laughed at the idea of mercy for a virus. He shot it in the head with Gun and deleted it.