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Phong playing Pong

Pong is a game played on a court between two players. A large metal puck bounces between the two players, the goal is to hit the puck past the other player and hit the wall of the court behind them. Pong is Phong's favorite game, he has a court that can be set up in the Entrance Hall of the Principal Office. Phong used to require anyone seeking his knowledge to play and beat him at Pong before he would advise them. (The Tearing)

Bob with game chip

Each player wears an electronic chip on their forehead that activates shield cushions on their hands and feet, this allows them to hit the puck without getting hurt. (The Quick and the Fed)

Pong Court

The game pucks are energy seeking and loaded with electromagnetic detonators. When the puck collides with the back wall of the court the puck detonates and the walls vanish along with the rest of the court, ending the game.

Pong game pucks

Enzo Matrix played pong against Phong in order to have the wise old sprite give him extra knowledge. Enzo lost quickly against the skilled player. Phong felt sorry for Enzo when the young sprite was so depressed about his insignificance, so he allowed Enzo access to the Read-Only Room to read and learn. (Enzo the Smart)

Phong with game chip

A year later, Megabyte broke into the Principal Office and took control of the Core Control Chamber. To destroy Bob and Dot in the corridors, Megabyte released all of Phong's game pucks into the corridors. The pucks immediately started seeking energy. A few moved toward a cleaning robot and destroyed it when they collided with it and detonated. The other pucks moved in on Bob and Dot, but they managed escaped using Glitch just at the last minute. The pucks collided with each other and were destroyed. (Infected)

The User has downloaded the Game Cube of Pong into Mainframe. Bob instructed his students at the Games: A Survival Guide seminar to study several Games, including Pong. (AndrAIa)