Dot equipping the gun from the Armory

The Plasma Launcher is a very large plasma-based weapon found exclusively in the Mainframe Armory. Its actual name is never acknowledged in the ReBoot series. The launcher is essentially a huge, solid metal gun that fires balls of white hot plasma. A powerful cannon, it is capable of destroying nearly any target in the medium-range vicinity with a single shot.

When the trigger is pressed, the gun charges up and fires these highly charged bursts every 2 nanoseconds, though makes up for this disadvantageous reloading-time with energy blasts that can deal out tremendous concussive force, deleting anything within range. The launcher is unfeasibly too heavy for most to weld properly and so the gun includes spinal braces and straps to distribute the entire weight through the Sprite's grey battle suit, though movement is restricted in order for the thick suit's design to avoid abrasion from the shoulder braces during the heat of battle, or accidentally hurting the wearer while standing stationery.

During the Web War, Mainframe's first priority became sealing the massive portal above the city which allowed the invading forces of the Web into the small system, but no conventional weapon could successfully close such a thing, fortunately in the Archives, Mainframe did have a superweapon called the Hardware capable of destroying the huge portal, an alliance was formed with Megabyte and his viral forces to rebuild. Unfortunately the superweapon had two fundamental flaws in operation, one of those being in battle, the Hardware cannot possibly defend itself from close-quarter combat, being outside the scope of the enormous turret above. Not to mention the cannon lacked pin-point accuracy needed to engage fast-moving targets.

Dot firing the Plasma Launcher

Because of this, anyone working on the platform deck was vulnerable. During the Web War it had to be escorted by six ABCs to protect them, but this wasn't enough as Bob and Glitch needed to remain airborne where they'd be most useful for the CPU forces. For extra protection Dot volunteered to equip and man a Plasma Launcher from the Armory. Mouse was concerned the viruses would betray them as did the Guardians, but Dot assured the gun would be called in for insurance.

As the Web Creatures invaded the Spores identified the Hardware as a major threat and began attacking it, the already exhausted CPU were overwhelmed. Dot continually blasted away at the creatures but for every one she took out, three more took its place. The situation turned increasingly dire until Bob forced Megabyte to order for ABC backup. When Mouse broke the Web's encryption codes and hide Mainframe's Web Address, Megabyte initiated his plan and turned on them. Extending his claws he sliced the Plasma Launcher in two, disabling it and temporarily immobilized Dot. She didn't recover until Megabyte had already shot Bob into the Web, grieving over his loss forced Mouse to save her from Hexadecimal and flee together in her ship. (Web World Wars)

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