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Phong's Office

Phong's Office is a spacious room in the Principal Office where he can study and administrate the city. Phong also uses the office as a comfortable place to dispense information or counsel people in need of advice.

Phong's Office

Unlike most of the Principal Office, the office has wood paneling instead of metal walls, and furniture with cushions. Phong has a large chair with a yin-yang symbol on it, where he sits at his desk. He also keeps a small laptop computer on the desk. There is a very large cushion chair in front of the desk for visitors, but the chair is easily removed for use of the room. There is also a couch where people can sit to be counseled by the old sprite. The office walls are decorated with several pictures of Phong's close friends.

Phong's desk computer

Phong first showed his office to Bob, Dot, and some others when the monster, Nullzilla, threatened the city. He outfitted them in special combat uniforms and gave them large combat vehicles to form a giant robot to battle Nullzilla. From his office, Phong coordinated the battle. As it progressed Phong realized that a weapon, called a Disrupt-o-matic, had been left behind. AndrAIa was sent to fly the weapon to them. (Nullzilla)

Phong in his office

Phong ran some scans of Bob when he fell ill during the Net War. In Phong's Office, Bob was given the bad news that the merge with Glitch didn't work. Glitch had been damaged and the merging was incomplete. Phong told him that continued use of his Glitch powers would result in total fragmentation. Bob told him not to tell Dot. (What's Love Got To Do With It?)

Phong counseling Dot

Dot was extremely confused when a second Bob appeared in Mainframe. She began going to counseling sessions with Phong at his office. Sometimes it was a quiet talk, other times Dot was furious that her life was so disordered and snapped at Phong. Phong did help her to come to grips with how she felt about both Bob's. (My Two Bobs)

Nibbles in Phong's Office

Once they discovered that the null Nibbles was the nullified form of Welman Matrix they kept track of him even after Hexadecimal left Mainframe. Phong kept Nibbles in his office in a small glass cage. The mindless null had small toys to play with, and was well feed. It was the best they could do.

Phong and Enzo getting Nibbles

Little Enzo didn't want his dad to miss Dot's wedding so he went to Phong's Office with him to get the little null. When Little Enzo opened the cage Nibbles jumped out, into Enzo's hand. The infection in Little Enzo's icon, left by Hexadecimal, traveled down his arm and into the null. Nibbles regained his memory and ability to speak, and they began calling him Welman again. (Null Bot of the Bride)