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Pearson's Data Dump

Pearson's Data Dump is a garbage dump for old and used information and equipment. It is owned by Old Man Pearson. The Data Dump is located in Giedi Prime sector in Mainframe.

Mr. Pearson's House

The Dump has several buildings, to store old equipment and used information. Mr. Pearson's home is also located here. There are also large pieces of equipment to lift and move heavy items. A conveyor belt leads to a deletion chamber to destroy useless items. Mr. Pearson also has a few street cleaning vehicles to keep Mainframe clean and bring items back to the dump.

Enzo Matrix found the stray puppy Frisket at Pearson's Data Dump when he was just a kid.

Virals searching the Dump

Megabyte would sometimes send a viral team to the dump to rough up Mr. Pearson and look through the dump for anything of value that may have been thrown away. Mr. Pearson would try his best to keep things from the virus, but sometime Megabyte found it anyway. One time they found an old UNFORMAT Command in the dump. Bob stopped them from taking it, but the Command was dropped and Frisket ate it. (In the Belly of the Beast)

Mr. Pearson's street cleaners and Virals

Enzo used the dump to try and get Bob and Dot Matrix together when they were having a fight. Phong had told Enzo that tragedy sometimes mends broken friendship, so he staged a kidnapping. With some help, they managed to make it look like Megabyte had kidnapped Enzo and was going to delete him at the dump. Dot and Bob arrived, but began to argue. Frisket rescued Enzo from a data deletion conveyor. (The TIFF)

Deletion Conveyor Belt

Mr. Pearson keeps his old Gibson Coil Pike in a trunk at the Dump, a reminder of his former life as a Code Master. (High Code)

After the Viral Wars, Mainframe began to crash. The city's inhabitants were evacuated to the Principal Office for their own safety. Mr. Pearson was one of the last holdouts. He stayed at his Data Dump and told Enzo he hadn't given up on Mainframe like everyone else, not realizing the danger. AndrAIa snuck into he Dump and knocked Mr. Pearson unconscious with her poisoned finger nails. She then took Mr. Pearson back to the Principal Office.

Pearson's Data Dump eventually collapsed into the Energy Sea, but was later restored, along with the rest of Mainframe, when the User restarted the system. (End Prog)