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"You were looking for a single Null, but how about Two Million, it's Nullzilla!!" -Mike the TV

Nullzilla is a monster made entirely of Nulls. Nullzilla was formed when Hexadecimal was attacked by a Web Creature. The creature infected Hex and the Nulls in Mainframe could sense her distress and swarmed into her Lair and began to cover her. They were trying to protect the rest of Mainframe from the creature.

Nulls attacking Hexadecimal

Hexadecimal tried to break free from the Null horde, but was unsuccessful. Her attempts to break free caused the horde to begin moving into the city like a monster with a head and arms. Hexadecimal's servants, Mike the TV and Scuzzy, fled the Lair. There were over two million Nulls in the immense monster, and Mike named it 'Nullzilla'.

Phong was already prepared for this disaster and suited Bob, Dot, Enzo, Mike, and Frisket into special combat uniforms and gave them each large vehicles to form a Giant Robot to battle Nullzilla.

Nullzilla and the Giant Robot

They fought Nullzilla with the giant robot, but didn't gain any ground. In the process they accidentally pushed Nullzilla into the Eight-Ball Apartments and crushed the building. Phong told them to use the Disrupt-o-matic, but they told him that they didn't have anything like that. Phong found that the matic was left behind in the launch bay and tells them to contain the monster until he can get the matic to them. AndrAIa is suited up and got into the Disrupt-o-matic, which is a giant axe, and flew to them. Using the matic, the sprites were able to rid Hexadecimal of both the nulls and the strange creature that covered her. Hex's energy was depleted, but Bob said she will be alright. (Nullzilla)

The Null Cocoon

Over a year later, Nullzilla was briefly seen again when Hexadecimal became vulnerable to a viral scan. Hex used her control over the Nulls to have them cover her in an effort to protect herself from the scan. At first some people began mentioning Nullzilla in fear that the monster would begin attacking like it did before. However, it simply sat in the same spot with a CPU squadron around it. Since it simply sat there they began calling it a Null Coccoon. At one brief point the coccoon began moving wildly. This second Nullzilla dispersed when a Game Cube began loading into the system right on top of the Coccoon. All the Null's fled from the incoming Game, leaving Hexadecimal defenseless. (Daemon Rising) (Cross Nodes)