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Nine inside the Principal Office

Nine a large greenish-grey numeral shaped like a "9", living in Mainframe. Unlike most people, Nine has very large fangs, sharp teeth and red eyes. Nine is one of two numerals that has two eyes, the other being Five.

He attended Bob's lecture on 'Games Survival' and was overly-excited at the prospect of fighting the User. (AndrAIa)

Nine was at one point eaten by Seven, though this may have only been said as a joke. (The Quick and the Fed)

Nine was one of two numeral characters abducted by the Web Creature, Five was the other one. (Trust No One)

While Nine's appearance and behavior seems vicious, oddly he also works for Phong within the Principal Office. He apparently works as a waiter/caterer or butler of sorts within the massive facility. He also has some back problems.

Nine appeared in Matix's dream when he was struck by an errant golf ball in the Fairway Frolics Game (Number 7)