Neural Matrix Scrambler

A Neural Matrix Scrambler is a device designed to attach to a persons brain and analyze the information contained in it. It is also capable of taking over motor control of the persons body. It is a small yellow box that extends six cables into a persons brain to take control. The device must be delivered to the brain from inside the body. This forces the scrambler, and deliverer to be shrunk using a Data Compression Command. The Neural Matrix Scrambler was carried on the bottom of a modified ABC.

Neural Scrambler on an ABC

Megabyte used a neural scrambler to infiltrate Bob's brain, but his viral spies missed their target, and the modified ABC with the neural scrambler ended up in the brain of Enzo Matrix. The ABC was piloted by Mouse, and once inside the brain she deployed the scrambler. At first Megabyte and Mouse were unaware of the mistake that had been made. Megabyte used the scrambler to access the access codes for the Super Computer, but instead he got the password for a kid's boys only club. By using a mirror they were able to find out that they were in Enzo's body.

Taking over motor control

At first, Megabyte was furious, but Mouse told him that it wasn't her problem. Then Megabyte noticed something and had Enzo turn his head, and found that he was with his sister, Dot Matrix, and Phong, inside the Principal Office, past all the security. The virus quickly accessed manual control over Enzo and had him head directly for the Core.

Bob had entered Enzo's head in order to get rid of the infiltrators. He got passed Hack and Slash easily, but Mouse caught the guardian in a Liner Stasis Field. Bob told her what was happening, that they were, by now, inside the cities operating core. The hacker checked her instruments and found that there was a buildup of external radiation. Realizing this, she pulled the plug on the operation, and the neural matrix scrambler retracted its cables. Megabyte lost control of Enzo, and in retaliation deactivated the compression field. Mouse and Bob picked up the neural matrix scrambler and flew out of Enzo as quickly as possible. (The Great Brain Robbery)

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