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Mr. Mitchell and rich friend

Mr. Mitchell is a very rich one binome living in Beverly Hills sector of Mainframe. He owns a fast cruising yacht where he entertains his high society friends. Little is known about the other rich and famous of Mainframe. The only ones seen were two female binomes, one of them a zero and the other a one binome. They were seen sailing with Mr. Mitchell.

Mr. Mitchell has an account that does business with Dot Matrix regularly. Unfortunately the account was often late. Dot's Secretary kept track of the account's activity for her. (The TIFF)

When software pirates of the Saucy Mare looted Mainframe, Phong authorized Dot Matrix to commandeer Mr. Mitchell's yacht to chase the pirate ship. Mr. Mitchell argued the issue with Dot, stating that there were larger ships in the harbor, but Dot told him they needed speed more than size, and his yacht is the fastest in Mainframe. Once they reached the pirate ship Mr. Mitchell and his friends got into the action and fun of the chase and following fight.

Although they lost the fight, Dot was able to convince Captain Capacitor that commerce was more profitable than piracy. The Captain released the crew of the yacht and the two ships returned to Mainframe together. (The Crimson Binome)

Mr. Mitchell drinking with Old Man Pearson

After the Viral Wars Mainframe began to crash. As the city collapsed Mr. Mitchell and his rich friends were seen in the Principal Office sharing a drink with Old Man Pearson, Binky, Algernon and the pirates of the Saucy Mare. Mr. Mitchell fell off his chair drunk. (End Prog)

Mr. Mitchell's Yacht


  • Mr. Mitchell is based off the character Thurston Howell III, the Millionaire from Gilligan's Island.