Morgan Ratsoy was a Computer Animator for ReBoot Seasons I & II, and Senior Animator for Game Over.

Morgan has 14 years experience on animated features and television in roles such as Supervising Animator and Lead Animator He knows the importance of putting together a working team where each member brings a particular strength to the group. He was Lead Animator on the Vanguard Animation feature "Space Chimps" due for release in 2008, and prior to that Supervising Animator and Co-Director of "Stuart Little 3" for Mainframe/Rainmaker Entertainment.

In Season 3, within the episode To Mend and Defend other studio animators made an in-joke to the staff member "Morgan Ratsoy - Planted like a potato".

After leaving the studio he joined 'Tippett Studios' in California he worked as a Senior Animator on "Hollow Man", "Cats and Dogs", "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", "Hellboy" and "Evolution".

Morgan has presently brought his depth of knowledge of animation with "eye" for talent and art direction to CG Scout Incorporated, working as its Artistic Consultant.

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