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Missile with Bob

A Missile is a rocket propelled object that can be used to propel anything to high altituteds in a short time.

Missile shooting upwards

At the end of the Web War, Megabyte threw Bob into a missile in order to shot him through the web portal before it was closed so that he would be rid of the guardian once and for all. The missile was very simple, a small chamber made up most of it, where Bob was sealed inside. The base of the missile contained the rocket engine. The body of the missile was blue and red, with Megabyte's viral symbol on it.

Disappearing into the Web

The missile was housed in a chamber below the main platform of the hardware. When the hardware was ready to be fired to close the portal Megabyte attacked Bob and crushed Glitch. Then he ordered Herr Doktor to push the button to raise up the missile. He then threw Bob inside and the doors sealed shut. Herr Doktor was stopped from launching the missile by Mouse, but Hexadecimal intervened and threw Mouse aside. Megabyte had the pleasure himself of launching Bob into the Web. Dot Matrix watched as the missile shot upwards and disappeared into the portal. Megabyte then activated the hardware and the energy blast closed the portal. (Web World Wars)

Due to the corrosive nature of the Web, the missile must have dissolved. Bob survived the Web due to his guardian coding.

Two years later Bob reflected on the incident with the missile with bitter memories, proving the event was rather traumatic for him. (My Two Bobs)