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Miss Sally

Miss Sally is a zero binome on the crew of the Saucy Mare under The Crimson Binome. She is a sneaky pickpocket and a good fighter.

Miss Sally and the Saucy Mare first visited Mainframe in when it raided the city for software. Miss Sally and Mr. Andrew stole Glitch from Bob without his knowledge, a great feat to take a Key Tool from a Guardian. They both received a 2,000 unit bonus for stealing Glitch. The Saucy Mare tried to escape the system but Dot Matrix convinced Captain Capacitor that commerce was more profitable than piracy. They became partners in intersystem commerce.

After Mainframe was cut off from the Net, the Saucy Mare tried to open up trade in other systems but ended up in trouble. Miss Sally and most of the crew were arrested and the Saucy Mare was impounded in the Desert Port Systems harbor. With the help of Matrix and AndrAIa, Captain Capacitor freed Miss Sally and his crew, retook the Mare, and fled the system.

They quickly went to the Edge of Beyond in order to enter the Web and search for Bob. The crew covered the Mare in dead Web Creatures to protect it from the Web and Ray Tracer stabilized the Tear so that they could enter the Web.

The ship ended up in a battle with the Web Riders. Miss Sally was indispensable in fighting the Riders. They nearly lost until Bob arrived calling off the battle. The Saucy Mare transported everyone to the Web Address of Mainframe, once there it encountered traps laid by Mouse, each one worse than the last. The Saucy Mare was almost destroyed, but Bob merged with Glitch and stabilized the tear, opening the way to Mainframe.

When they arrived Mainframe had been devastated by the Viral Wars. Miss Sally and the crew of the Saucy Mare helped the Mainframe rebellion retake the Principal Office.

Mr. Christopher at the wedding

After the Viral Wars Mainframe began to crash. As the city collapsed Miss Sally and the crew of the Saucy Mare were seen in the Principal Office sharing a drink with Old Man Pearson, Binky, Algernon, and Mr. Mitchell. (End Prog)

Miss Sally later attended Dot Matrix's failed wedding.