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Miss Brodie

Miss Brodie is a zero binome and a school teacher living in Mainframe. She wears a kilt and speaks with a Scottish accent. Miss Brodie taught Enzo Matrix and AndrAIa when they were kids.

Miss Brodie walked Enzo and AndrAIa home to Dot's Diner when Dot Matrix failed to pick up the two young sprites from school. She thought it was the right thing to do, with the abductions happening in Mainframe at the time.

Since Bob was going to Al's Bar, Mouse asked Miss Brodie if she would take Enzo and AndrAIa to the Principal Office for her. She also mentioned that the CPU Chief and Senior Chief would probably escort them there. (Trust No One)

Miss Brodie was seen with several other citizens of Mainframe when they were evacuated into underground shelters during the Web War. (Web World Wars)

It is possible that Miss Brodie is currently Little Enzo's teacher.