Michael Monks was a Senior Modeler for ReBoot Daemon Rising.

In his eight-year involvement with the digital animation industry, Michael has been at the very centre of some of the most renowned and technologically advanced television and media productions ever produced.

While working for such companies as 'Nerd Corps Entertainment' and Mainframe Entertainment Inc., Michael performed a variety of roles on such shows as ReBoot, "Action Man", "Heavy Gear", "Beast Machines", "Shadow Raiders", and "Dragon Booster" which won a Gemini (Canadian television awards) for Best Animated Series. He's also leant his expertise to numerous direct to video properties including "Popeye: Quest for Pappy", "Scary Godmother", and the much-loved "Barbie as Rapunzel".

He graduated from CDIS with honours and is presently the Modeling Supervisor at Vancouver Film School.

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