Merged Game
System Loaded Into Mainframe
User Form Dino-Tank
Genre Military Combat/Adventure
Winner System Wins
Appearance When Games Collide
List of Games.

The Merged Game are two Games the User has loaded into Mainframe that were merged.

User 7

User: Tank Rex


Bob and Megabyte in the Game

Megabyte had been using a Leech Command to drain energy from Game Cubes so that he could have enough energy to break into the city's Archives. Unfortunately, Hack and Slash set the Leech Command too high, causing the Basic Combat 2 Game to crash. Despite Phong's attempt to route some energy to the Game, the System Voice announced, "Game Crash Confirmed, Manual Restart." To Phong's horror, the Dinosaurs Game Cube loaded into the system and landed on the first Game Cube, overloading the Leech Command and combining the two Games into a bizarre fusion of themselves.


Megabyte sinking with User firing

Every feature of the two Games was combined in the merging process. The prehistoric landscape was dotted with bombed-out buildings. Bob's combat uniform developed elements of a jungle outfit, and the bullets on his bandolier were replaced by small stones. Algernon's fighter plane was merged with a pterosaur, gaining wings and a toothy mouth. Most frightening of all, the merged game even combined the User's avatars from the Basic Combat 2 and Dinosaurs Games (a tank and a Tyrannosaurus rex, respectively), creating a monstrous cyborg dinosaur with its head (minus the lower jaw) replaced with the hull and main cannon of a tank.

User firing on Megabyte

As Bob tried to comprehend what had just happened, he came upon Megabyte; as a virus, he was unable to reboot and was thus unaffected by the Games merging. Bob accused Megabyte about the energy drain, but further conversation was halted when the User attacked them. The duo fled to a gorge, pushing over a dead tree to make a bridge. In typical fashion, Megabyte shoved Bob off as he ran to the other side of the gorge - Bob managed to grab a branch, but Megabyte proceeded to upend the tree and drop it into the gorge. Luckily for Bob, Algernon swooped in on his ptero-plane, catching the Guardian and giving him a lift out of the chasm.

Meanwhile, the User jumped across the gorge and attacked Megabyte. The virus jumped away from the cyborg dinosaur, but landed in a tar pit. The User opened fire on Megabyte, preventing him from trying to extricate himself from the tar. Despite his better judgement, Bob was compelled to follow his guardian programming and had Algernon fly towards the User to save Megabyte. Moments before Megabyte sank completely into the tar, Bob leaped off of Algernon's plane, firing a line from Glitch to swing at the User and hit the target point on its chest. Energy surged across the User as it roared in pain - moments later, it was deleted. (When Games Collide)


User hit with Game ending

The User from this Game was released into Mainframe as undeleted ram when the system began to crash; oddly, the pterosaur-plane was also released. The User was deleted by Matrix, while Captain Capacitor and his crew dealt with the plane. (System Crash)

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