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Megabyte's Limousine

Megabyte's Limousine is a long dark-blue limousine which was Megabyte's primary mode of transportation around Mainframe. It was custom build from ABC components, explaining why both vehicles look similar in design. There are at least two doors on the limo one is located on the side of the limo, and another at the rear of the craft exactly like a Carrier. It is heavily armored and featured bullet proof glass in the automatic windows. It carries Megabyte's viral skull insignia and initials on the sides. The interior was very spacious lined with a luxurious red leather-like material on the floor, walls and seats. The limo was normally called for whenever they were encountering hostile areas or situations to protect its VIPs. The viral driver who chauffeured Megabyte was never seen.

Megabyte later started using a large powerful motorcycle, but still maintained his limo for use.

Limo Interior

It was first seen leaving Lost Angles when Megabyte had stolen the Medusa Bug from Hexadecimal. As the wrathful Super Virus pursued after him, Megabyte ordered Lieutenant Chauncy to attack her with a legion of ABCs. Two other carriers then escorted the limo back to Silicon Tor while Hex wasted the attacking aircrafts. (The Medusa Bug)

Megabyte played the guitar for Enzo's birthday celebration. Once he was done he 'left the building' in the limo. (Talent Night)

The Limo

Megabyte planned to steal Mainframe's Core energy in a surprise attack on the Principal Office. From the safety of his limo he observed his ABC fleet, whilst contacting Herr Doktor for an up-to-date the status on the Transformer. The virus immediately noticed Bob arrive on scene and instructed Hack and Slash to dispose of the Guardian. When this failed he had the limo intercept Bob atop the Transformer. After his technology was lost in the Road Warrior Game, Megabyte intended to grievously harm Bob for interfering. However, he was backed up by the entire CPU defense force, forcing the virus to leave via his limo. Hack and Slash were already inside, broken up into pieces. (Bad Bob)

The Limo leading the ABCs

It was last seen during the Viral Wars after the Firewall was overloaded by Hexadecimal. Megabyte had lost Silicon Tor and Giedi Prime was being ravaged by his insane sister and her nulls. He took his remaining ABCs to the Principal Office. The limo had taken on fire from the CPUs; the glass was damaged in several areas from bullet holes, an obvious attempt to assassinate Megabyte and Herr Doktor. He ordered his new Commander to fire upon the facility before the manual Anti-Aircraft Guns tried to shoot down the limo. (Megaframe)