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ReBoot Character
Format Search Engine, Sprite
First Appearance The Episode With No Name
Hobby Net Travel
Catchphrase "And I thought I liked excitement"
Voice Actor Janyse Jaud
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Maxine is a Search Engine operating out of the Desert Port System. She is chrome-plated with golden hair, and has a small gold and silver icon. Maxine's ship is named IMAX.


When Matrix and AndrAIa are downloaded into the system and find it has ports to the Net, they begin searching for inter-system transport. AndrAIa finds Maxine cleaning her boat. She is rather upset, apparently her last passengers threw up in her boat. She says, "How many times do I have to say, 'if you feel the need to vomit, don't.'"

When AndrAIa asks about transporting them to Mainframe, Maxine asks for their authorization codes. AndrAIa doesn't understand and asks why she would need them. Maxine explains to her that the Guardians restricted Net travel. She also tells AndrAIa that the Guardians are no longer working under the motto 'To Mend and Defend', but are now using 'To Divide and Render'. AndrAIa had to quickly leave to help Matrix. They eventually find other transportation out of the system.


  • Originally, Maxine was created for the ReBoot: The Ride by IMAX, shown exclusively in Las Vegas, Vancouver and Toronto for a limited time. She later made a cameo appearance in the episode The Episode With No Name.
  • Though it is never stated explicitly, her statement in the RideFilm that "we are Maxine" suggests that she and her ship are a single entity, as with Ray Tracer and his surf board. This makes sense if it is a characteristic of search engines in general.
  • ReBoot the Ride on YouTube
  • In the ride Bob immediately recognizes Maxine implying they have met before. This could be because according to various ReBoot media Bob originally worked for the Port Authority. As a search engine specializing in Internet travel Maxine most certainly would have entered the Super Computer's ports and came into contact with Bob.