"Martial Arts Thing" was a Game that appeared in the book "The Knight Watchmen" in the ReBoot Adventure Games series, and is a one-on-one tournament fighting game. Winning it is the first thing faced by the reader, and when the game ends the Knights Templates are revealed.

Bob reboots as a wrestler in the game.The matches are refereed, but it's possible to cheat if the fighters avoid being too blatant when doing so.

The first round consists of defeating either a karate, judo or boxing expert. The second round is a match against a sumo wrestler. The third round is against the User's character, "a towering giant with fists like rock hammers. As usual, the User's face is just a blank iconic mask."

Presumably the User had to fight their way to the final round as well, and the game would've ended if they'd been defeated by one of their Game Sprite opponents. It's unknown if the User controls the same character every time or has a choice. Given that the User avatar Bob encounters is extremely powerful compared to other characters in the game, however, if the former it would seem this is meant to be an easy game, or if the latter that during the play session depicted in the book that the User may have been using some kind of secret character.


  • The game was named only as "it's a martial arts thing" by Bob. The simplicity of the designation may be a reference to the multitude of fighting tournament games that were created in the mid-1990s when the book was published.
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