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Mainframe Rebellion

The Mainframe Rebellion is a small organization created by Dot Matrix and Mouse during the last part of the Viral Wars to combat Megabyte and his viral army when he took control of Mainframe, renaming it Megaframe.

Mainframe Rebellion

The Rebellion was formed when Megabyte attacked the Principal Office after Hexadecimal destroyed Silicon Tor. The virals easily overwhelmed the Principal Office defenses and Phong's forward thinking saved the buildings inhabitants when he decided they must evacuate. Dot lead the staff out an escape tunnel and Phong ordered Hack and Slash to go with them and protect Dot. Phong stayed behind to buy them time to escape, he was captured by Megabyte soon after Dot and Mouse successfully got away.

Rebellion Headquarters

The rebellion was made up of the remains of the CPU defense force. They had no defense vehicles, operating as a guerilla ground force. The headquarters was set up in a small warehouse located in the lower levels of the city. Hack and Slash would often patrol the city to provide reconnaissance for Dot and Mouse.

Megabyte didn't try to keep the system maintained, instead he used all the cities resources to defend the Principal Office and eliminate the Mainframe rebellion as small conflicts broke out all over the city.

The remains of the ABC fleet constantly patrolled the city. The Principal Office had a large security fence built around it with guard towers. Some of the bridges to the building were destroyed and the others damaged, so massive braces were built on the bridges to keep them from collapsing. Almost all the buildings in the city were bombed out ruins. Only small structures, like warehouses, had any roofs. (Megaframe)

Attack on the Principal Office

When Matrix returned from the Web with Bob and the Saucy Mare they helped Dot Matrix and her rebels in their fight. They formed a coordinated attack on the Principal Office. First the remaining of the ABC tanks were destroyed by sending the empty Saucy Mare towards them and exploding it when it reached the small fleet. They all were destroyed, leaving only the viral ground forces. The building was fired on to soften the defenses and then the rebellion stormed the building using the only remaining bridge. The viral forces were quickly overwhelmed and the rebels began entering the ruined command center. Phong was freed and Matrix fought Megabyte for control of the city.

Megabyte lost the fight and tried to escape but was tricked by Mouse and sent to the Web. (Showdown)