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It's a reunion of sorts when Megabyte joins forces with his evil sister Hexadecimal and the Guardians run into the original "Reboot" characters.


Megabyte returns to Mainframe to recruit his sister Hexadecimal into his plans to bring about a new Viral dawn and conquer the entire Net. Despite Bob's objections, she agrees because Megabyte is family. The new next-gen User Guardians track Megabyte to Mainframe, and there they meet Bob. He restates his opening monologue from Season 1, and they confirm they are Guardians and that Users do live outside the Net and do input Games for pleasure. Bob takes them to Dot's Diner and introduces them as fellow Guardians to Dot and Enzo. Then a middle-aged User who has been waiting decades for Mainframe to come back online, and has been collecting memorabilia from the original ReBoot cartoon in his mother's basement in the meantime, finally gets his wish. He opens an old Game disk containing Starship Alcatraz and boots it into Mainframe. Bob and two of the new Guardians get trapped in the Game Cube. Bob tries to show them how to reboot, but they are unable to do so. One of the new Guardians convinces the other and Bob not to stop the User, but to instead kill as many of the Spider escapees as they can and collect their eyes. Just before the User wins, the Guardians collect enough Spider eyes to activate a cheat that allows them to win the Game. The new Guardians then leave, and Bob, Dot, and Enzo state that the Net's safety is in capable hands. Megabyte then brings Hex to his new lair, where he upgrades one of his Sentinels to Alpha Sentinel to replace the one the Guardians deleted. Hex tries to flirt with the new Alpha, but Megabyte tells her to stop. Then the Viruses begin their joint plans for Net conquest.


  • Michael Benyaer, Kathleen Barr and Shirley Millner reprise their roles as Bob, Dot and Hexadecimal respectively.
  • Bob and his Key Tool appear as they have in Reboot Season 1.
  • The identity of the User plaguing Mainframe with Game Cubes is revealed.
    • Surprisingly, his basement is adorned with Reboot merchandise.
    • He is portrayed by Mark Leiren-Young, the man who wrote this episode and the last two episodes of Reboot Season 2.
  • The publisher of the Starship Alcatraz game is "User Hexahedron", a reference to the Game Cubes that drop in Mainframe.
    • Bob's weapons in Starship Alcatraz now vaporize game entities instead of encapsulating them in bubbles. No BSnP here... :)
  • This episode marks the first time:
    • A human is depicted entering Mainframe
    • A human is depicted entering a Game Cube.
    • The next-generation Guardians meet Bob, Dot, Enzo and Frisket, and run afoul of Hexadecimal.