Magnet Enhancing Generator

A Magnetic Generator is a device that can increase the power of a small magnet. By using this device an individual can focus the power of the magnet on whatever they wish and decrease the risk of exposure to the dangerous magnet.

The Magnetic Generator is a tall machine with several extenders and a large U shaped holder at the top where the Magnet sits. There is a very large primary generator at the base that rotates, creating a power beam that is channeled through the magnet, generating the magnetic beam. The magnetic beam is extremely dangerous, and powerful, capable of erasing, damaging, or penetrating some of the most powerful forms in Cyber Space.

Silicon Tor 3

Magnetic Beam

Megabyte managed to process a small magnet and used it to power a large Magnetic Generator. He used it to focus the magnetic beam at Mainframe's sky in an attempt to penetrate it and escape to the Net and the Super Computer. The generator was raised up through the roof of the Silicon Tor and fired at the sky. It quickly began tunneling a hole in the sky, and it would have only been a matter of nanoseconds until the barrier to the Net was penetrated. Bob arrived and began a fight with the viral guards in an attempt to stop Megabyte's plan. After dealing with the guards, Bob went to the top of the generator and used Glitch to cut the main power cables to the magnet. The beam into the sky lost power and the tunneling stopped. With no power the generator lost balance and fell, leaning on the wall. Bob had Glitch stow the small magnet and escaped before Megabyte could stop him.


Main Generator

Megabyte attempted to retrieve the magnet latter, but was partially erased by the dangerous device. After that he abandoned his attempt to gain access to the Super Computer by us of magnets. The Magnetic Generator is presumed dismantled. (Quick and the Fed)

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