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Hexadecimal's Looking Glass

The Looking Glass is a large mirror that Hexadecimal keeps in the throne room of her Lair. She uses the mirror to keep a watch on Mainframe, look at herself after putting on a new mask, and communicate with people outside of her home instead of using a VidWindow.

Hexadecimal's Looking Glass

Hex is rarely seen using a VidWindow for communication, she prefers her looking glass. The mirror can disappear at Hex's whim, just like a VidWindow.

It is unknown where Hexadecimal got her Looking Glass, it is possible that she formed it on her own using her viral powers.

The mirror was used to watch the total infection of Mainframe by the Medusa Bug. Hex enjoyed replaying the image of the Silicon Tor being infected by the powerful little viral bug. She became particularly interested in Bob's attempt to use a Viral Erase Command to eliminate the Medusa. The Looking Glass displayed the entire attempt to erase the viral bug, and Hex took great pleasure in their failure.

Hexadecimal has used the Looking Glass to find the Super Computer. It was an easy task for the Looking Glass to find the powerful system, even though Megabyte had been trying to find it for years. Unfortunetely, Hex found the Super Computer to be rather boring.

The Looking Glass Shattered

When Mike the TV came to live with Hex, he played an opera for her that broke Scuzzy's dome, and shattered the looking glass. When the glass was gone it revealed that the mirror was fueled by energy from the Web. The damaged mirror pulled Hexadecimal in, and she held to the sides of it to keep from being sucked in. A small opening in the energy of the looking glass was just large enough to allow a baby Web Creature to come through the looking glass and into the Net. Once on the other side, the creature quickly attacked the helpless Hex, infecting her. (Nullzilla)

The inside of the Looking Glass

At some latter time the looking glass was repaired.

When Bob returned to Mainframe, he used his new Glitch powers to fix Hex's damaged mask. She immediately used to Looking Glass to see her new face, and was amazed at what it showed her. (Showdown)