Liner Stasis Field

A Liner Stasis Field is an energy field that can be used to immobilize a person or object. They are not particularly powerful, and have to be activated at close range. However, they can be very effective at capturing someone.

Mouse is able to activate a liner stasis field from her ring. The burst of energy comes out of her ring and engulfs the body of who ever she is wanting to capture. Mouse can also use her ring to remove parts of the field, such as around the person's head, so that she can talk to them, without releasing them completely. The ring is also used to deactivate the field.


Bob in a Liner Stasis Field

Mouse used her liner stasis field to capture Bob when he followed her inside Enzo Matrix's head to stop her from taking control of his brain for Megabyte. Bob had already fought his way past Hack and Slash and had entered Mouse's modified ABC when she activated the stasis field. Bob was shocked at having been caught.

Mouse removed the part of the field around Bob's head and removed his helmet to find out who he was. She was surprised to find it was her old friend Bob. They talked for a short time and Bob criticized Mouse, so she taunted him about being trapped in a liner stasis field. Bob told her that Megabyte was directing Enzo toward the System Operating Core and that they would all be deleted. Mouse checked her sensors and found a buildup of external radiation. She realized Megabyte's deceit and released Bob so that they could get out of Enzo and escape. (The Great Brain Robbery)

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