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Leech Command

A Leech Command is a large black device that can drain power from other sources.

Activation Panel

Megabyte built a large Leech Command so that he could drain power straight from Game Cubes. He wanted to break into Mainframe's Archives to steal the command circuitry for the Gateway Command. To do this he built a large Energy Drill to penetrate the security barrier under the floor of the Archives, but it needed power to do this. The Archives have a security field second only to the Mainframe Core, so Megabyte would need as much energy as the Core to break the security field. The only source of that much energy, except for the Core, is a Game Cube.

Hack and Slash with the Leech Command

Megabyte's Leech Command had a massive energy drainer on the front and eight power suctions on the sides. A large cord on the back carried the energy from the Leech Command to the city sewers where a large drill was using the power to break into the Archives.

Front Energy Suction

Hack and Slash were given the task of putting the Leech Command in place on top of the Game Cube and activating it. They were afraid of activating it, saying that every time they push a button something bad happens. They finally pushed the button and the Leech Command activating, pulling energy from the Game. Inside the Alien Combat Game, Bob, Dot, and Enzo immediately noticed that the Game was slowing down. The User's responses were much slower and they defeated him easily.

Game Losing Power

When the second Game landed, Megabyte ordered them to set the Leech Command to maximum drain. When they did the command drained to much energy and the Basic Combat Game began to crash. Phong tried to route some energy to the Game but was to late. The System Voice announced, "Game Crash Confirmed, Manual Restart." A second Cube with a Dinosaurs Game loaded into the system and landed on the first Game, joining with it and formed a very strange Merged Game.

Leech Command overloading

The merging of the two Cubes overloaded the Leech Command, it rippled with electrical energy and exploded. A mass amount of energy traveled down the energy cord and the viral troups broke through the Archives Security barrier. (When Games Collide)

Megabyte complained that Hack and Slash leeched out too much energy, unhappy with the merging of the Games. Although he was successful at obtaining the Gateway Command circuitry, Megabyte never used Leech Command technology again, perhaps fearful of the results it created.


  • Leeching, in computing, is someone who uses others' information or effort but does not provide any in return.