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Kits Sector

Kits Sector is the main residential district of Mainframe. Eight Ball Apartments is located there and is where Bob lives. Mike the TV lived there for a while until he moved to Lost Angles.

Kits Sector is located between Floating Point Park and Baudway. The Gilded Gate Bridge to Lost Angles is located between Kits and Floating Point Park.

Eight Ball Apartments

The Saucy Mare docked in Kits Sector when the software pirates looted Mainframe. (The Crimson Binome)

Nullzilla moved from Lost Angles into Kits Sector during its rampage. The massive Null monster destroyed several buildings in the residential district. Mainframe's leaders used a Giant Robot to fight the monster, but the battle destroyed more buildings in Kits, including Bob's apartment. (Nullzilla)

At the beginning of the Net War, Kits Sector was the only sector under attack when Daemon's Guardian Armada attacked Mainframe.

Hexadecimal brought Bob to Kits Sector when he fell ill during the attack on Mainframe by the Guardian Armada. She thought it would be a romantic area for them to spend some time together and for him to recover from the fight. (Daemon Rising)

The Null Coccoon that Hexadecimal used to protect herself from a viral scan was formed in Kits Sector near the Eight Ball Apartments building. (Daemon Rising)

Several apartment buildings in Kits Sector were damaged and destroyed when Hexadecimal battled Daemon for Mainframe. (Sacrifice)


  • Kits Sector is a reference to the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver, Canada (the city in which ReBoot was produced). Similar to its Mainframe counterpart, Kitsilano is a quiet beachside neighbourhood and is often referred to as "Kits" by Vancouverites.