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ReBoot Character
Format Virus
First Appearance What's Love Got To Do With It?
Hobby Infecting the Super Computer
Catchphrase Roar!
Voice Actor Blu Mankuma
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"Hey Killabyte, ready for oblivion?" -Dixon Green

Killabyte was a virus that was caught in the Super Computer. He appeared to be a low power virus at the time.

Little is known about Killabyte except that he had attempted to infect the Super Computer and was caught. He was scheduled for deletion, and the Guardian Dixon Green and Cadet Bob were given the task of preparing the Deletion Chamber for him.

The two sprites were arguing over the Guardian policy about viruses. Bob thought they could be reprogrammed for good, but Dixon lectured that, "It's a Virus, cadet. A dirty, no use Virus....A User made him this way. A User programmed him to destroy, to infect, to corrupt."

While they were arguing, the User that created Killabyte sent him an upgrade. Killabyte received a great deal of power and promptly broke free of his restraints. Dixon used her Key Tool, Glitch, to report the 403, viral upgrade, in progress. She warned Central that the upgrade was skipping a generation. Bob jumped at Killabyte, but the virus threw him to the wall, knocking him unconscious.

Killabyte moved toward Dixon and she started cataloging his new abilities to Central. He was quickly becoming a completely new virus, gaining the ability to fly, transfinite power reserves, portal forming abilities, and energy absorbing.

Killabyte fighting Dixon Green

Killabyte grabbed for her but she moved quickly and got on his back. Dixon commanded Glitch to shoot a narrow beam through Killabyte's head, but it had little effect. He threw Dixon to the ground and his right hand grew into a thumb and two massive claws for fingers. He used his new power draining abilities and stabbed Dixon with his new claws, draining all energy from Dixon. She was deleted a few moments later.

Dixon with Killabyte ready to attack

Killabyte moved toward Bob to finish him off when a circle of energy appeared. Skinny Killabyte transformed into the Super Virus Gigabyte, then he and the circular Gateway disappeared. (What's Love Got To Do With It?)

After he arrived in Mainframe, an explosion split Gigabyte into Megabyte and Hexadecimal.


  • Killabyte's name is an adaptation of the word, Kilobyte, which is a unit of computer memory.
  • The ReBoot game's manual used the computer term Kilobyte for the spelling. The official spelling, however, is Killabyte.
  • The ReBoot game credits Killabyte with the creation of Clash and thus Hack, Slash, and Scuzzy. This is not considered canon with the show.
  • Bob states that viruses can be reprogrammed, which is true with "Killabyte's daughter" (Hexadecimal).