The Juggling Clown

The Juggling Clown is a one binome living in Mainframe often seen riding a unicycle. This clown auditioned for the talent show that Dot Matrix was putting on for Enzo Matrix's birthday celebration. The clown performed live Null Juggling. Dot thought this act was banned, and the Prog Sensor, Emma See, was shocked that it was being performed. He took several nulls and tied them together forming a mass dinosaur figure out of the nulls. The nulls screamed so loud everyone had to cover their ears. Needless to say he did not get to perform in the show. (Talent Night)


The Clown juggling Nulls

After the Viral Wars, the Juggling Clown was later seen around the city's docks with some other binomes when the system began to crash. The dock collapsed and everyone, including the clown, fell into the Energy Sea. (System Crash)


Watching Phong's announcement

The Clown was seen in Floating Point Park during an announcement by Phong about the return of Megabyte to Mainframe. (Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus)


  • The Juggling Clowns real name was never given on screen.
  • Null Juggling being banned is probably a reference to Steve Martin's 1979 movie: "The Jerk"
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