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Johnny O'Binome

Johnny O'Binome is a one binome living in Mainframe.

Johnny auditioned for a spot in Enzo's birthday party. His act is a comedy routine where he tells jokes in binary. His jokes are not all family oriented. Dot Matrix and the rest of the stage crew thought he was hilarious, but Emma See said there would be children in the audience and rejected his act. Johnny said "Oh", disappointed that he didn't get in the show. (Talent Night)


Johnny's joke was 1010011011101110111001101111001110101100001100101110011101" Assuming A=1, B=10, C=11...Z=11010, Johnny O'Binome says:

            10100 1 1011 101 1101 11001 10111 1001 110 101
              T   A   K   E    M    Y     W     I   F   E
                      10000 1100 101 1 10011 101
                        P     L   E  A   S    E