Jet Ball 4

Jet Ball court

Jet Ball is a popular game played in Mainframe by the cities inhabitants. The building that houses the game field is located in Kits Sector. It is unknown if the User has ever downloaded a Jet Ball Game Cube.

Jet Ball court

Jet Ball buildings

The game takes two players, wearing special jet packs to help them fly around the room. Each player guards a goal, and they try and fire a small energy ball into each other's goal. The players have a receiver on their left arm, used to catch the ball, a cord leads from this receiver to a firing mechanism on the right arm. This is used to fire the ball at high velocity toward the opponents goal. When a goal is made the ball will return through a chute on the side of the arena.

Jet Ball 5

Bob playing Jet Ball

Enzo Matrix was upset when his sister, Dot Matrix, and Bob had an argument and were not talking. Enzo attempted to get Bob to come back to see them, and tried to influence him to come back by asking who would take him Jet Balling or Circuit Racing. Bob told him how Dot probably believed that doing that would send Enzo's entire life off track. (The TIFF)

Jet Ball

Enzo playing Jet Ball

The next year, Bob took Enzo jet balling when he was to keep Enzo distracted so that Dot could plan a talent night for his birthday. Enzo was winning the game, until Megabyte interrupted and almost let Enzo know about the surprise party. Bob threw Enzo into his goal, and the computer recorded the winning point. Bob refused to tell Megabyte anything, and Enzo came back through the ball return after their conversation was over. Bob then took the young boy to the Energy Park in Beverly Hills. (Talent Night)


  • This game was not given a name on screen during the episode Talent Night, however Enzo did mention playing a game named Jet Ball during the episode The TIFF. Unless this game never appeared on screen, this is the only recreational game seen on the show that could be Jet Ball.
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