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Infinite Data Else-If Loop


Infinite Data Else-If Loop is a dangerous formation inside a Game Cube caused by an explosion. Tears are incapable of forming inside a Cube so an explosion inside a Game will cause an Infinite Data Else-If Loop to form. They are even more dangerous than a tear and will cause a Cube to implode.

In the User world, a loop is the equivalent of a program unexpectedly stopping and shutting itself down. The User is powerless to stop it, and loses all and any progress. Fortunately, a Loop cannot survive outside the cube's reality, thus poses no danger to a system.

Beginning to form

An Infinite Data Else-If Loop only forms from explosives brought into a Cube. Explosives that are part of the Game environment are not capable of damaging a Game Cube.

Destroying the Game environment

When the explosion first occurs a tear attempts to form, but is unsuccessful, and it forms a large white energy sphere. This sphere is called an Infinite Data Else-If Loop. Even though the User character is deleted, it makes no difference. The locked-up game cannot end, and cannot leave the System.

The System Voice will announce, "Warning, Game Corruption" and soon the sphere will send out several bursts of energy. The final burst will begin tearing the interior environment of the Cube apart as the energy sphere flattens out and begins sucking in all things near it. The sphere becomes more and more unstable as this goes on, parts of it fly off crashing into the walls of the Cube, in turn destabilizing them as well.

With no rigidity, it will eventually begin pulling on the outer wall of the Game Cube and pull down the upper ceiling of the Cube. It causes a breach of the game's reality, and a massive shock-wave races across the city. Exposed to Mainframe, the Loop begins to weaken. Now all individuals in the Cube must run to the outer wall and try to keep from being sucked in as the Cube begins to shrink.

Game Corruption

On the outside, the Game Cube will ripple and begin to shrink, losing its square corners and turning into a ball. Eventually, the outer wall loses its strength and the people inside who are fortunate enough not to be sucked in and deleted can slip through the failing wall unhindered. The Loop cannot exist in Mainframe, so the former Game Cube will shrink to a minuscule size and implode.

Game Collapse

The Formula One Game experienced an Infinite Data Else-If Loop when a Delete Command with Bob exploded. The Cube was destroyed and Bob managed to get everyone out safely. (Racing the Clock)