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Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett (born August 29, 1962) is a Canadian Voice artist, producer and author. He is known on ReBoot for voicing Bob in the third and fourth seasons, and he provided the voice for Robert Cursor. He is the creator of Studio B Productions' animated series Being Ian and Yvon of the Yukon. Corlett was born on August 29, 1962 in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Ian took over the part of Bob from the voice actor Michael Benyaer for the third and fourth season until Null Bot of the Bride.

In addition to programming some drum tracks and helping with some computer sequences on Queensrÿche's album Operation: Mindcrime, and also selling the band some music gear in the old days, Corlett also lent his voice to Dragon Ball Z as Goku and Master Roshi in the first season and has also lent his voice to less known DIC Entertainment shows such as Super Duper Sumos and Sonic Underground. Other than his brief role in DBZ, he usually voices the "other character" in cartoon animation, despite playing some other main characters, such as Andy Larkin of What's With Andy?, and Glitch-Bob and Robert Cursor in the computer-animated show ReBoot. He also voiced Mr. Cramp in The Cramp Twins.

In "Salty's Lighthouse" he played Ten Cents, O.J., Zip, Zebedee and Stinky Morris.

Through a funny coincidence, Corlett who voiced Dr. Wily in DIC's video-game oriented cartoon Captain N: The Game Master would later voice his nemesis Mega Man in the Ruby-Spears cartoon adaptation of the games. His best-known role was playing Filbert on DiC Entertainment and BKN's "Pocket Dragon Adventures". Corlett also provided the voice of Cheetor in "Beast Wars" and Beast Machines.

He currently lives in Vancouver with his wife and two children.

Corlett is also revealed to have a house in Palm Springs, California whenever he does any voiceover work there and when he and his family go to escape the drip and drizzle of the west coast of Canada.

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