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IMAX is a small ship designed for inter-Net travel, owned by the search engine Maxine. The IMAX is a small, silver craft designed for one person. It is quite powerful, and pulls a larger craft, with four rows of seating for multiple passengers. People would pay for passage on the vessel to move from system to system on the Net.

The IMAX is bonded with Maxine, just like every search engine. These odd sprites always have a form of transportation that they are bonded to, making them very effective at traveling the Net, and even the Web.

IMAX and its passenger ship

Maxine used to be able to operate the IMAX freely, but when the super virus Daemon took over the Super Computer and the Guardians she had Net travel restricted. Travelers on the Net were required to have authorization codes with them. Anyone found without authorization codes in the Net would be arrested and sent to prison in the nearest system. They would then be tried in a kangaroo-court setting, and usually sentenced to deletion. Maxine obeyed this law, fearing arrest, as many of her friends had been sent to the prison in the Desert Port System.

IMAX docked

AndrAIa meet Maxine when her, Matrix, and Frisket were loaded into the Desert Port System by a Game Cube. Maxine was in the process of cleaning up IMAX, her previous passengers were not able to handle the turbulence of Net travel and threw-up in the craft. Maxine had warned them, “If you feel the need to vomit, don’t.” AndrAIa found the IMAX and inquired about buying passage to Mainframe. Maxine was perfectly willing to transport the trio to Mainframe, but made sure if they had authorization codes. AndrAIa didn't know what she was talking about, and Maxine had to explain what had recently happened on the Net.

They heard a noise coming from the city and AndrAIa and Frisket rushed off to help Matrix, leaving Maxine and her ship behind. (The Episode With No Name)


  • The ships name is seen on the side of the vessel.
  • IMAX is named after the famed giant screen theater company, The IMAX.
  • Originally, Maxine was created for the ReBoot: The Ride by IMAX, shown exclusively in Las Vegas and Toronto for a limited time. She later made a cameo appearance in the episode The Episode With No Name.
  • Though it is never stated explicitly, her statement in the RideFilm that "we are Maxine" suggests that she and her ship are a single entity, as with Ray Tracer and his surf board. This makes sense if it is a characteristic of search engines in general.