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Hue Branch

Hue Branch is a one binome and is the head of the Tech Boys that work in the tech center of the Principal Office. When Phong and Mouse came up with the idea of putting an inverted firewall around Giedi Prime they set Hue Branch and his staff to designing senders that could create the needed firewall.

Hue failed to explain that everything about the senders was theory. He didn't realize that if it failed the Principal Office would be defenceless. Luckily it worked. (Firewall)

Hue and his Tech Boys developed a Game Sampler to download Game codes. Phong believed that it could be used to build up a library of Game codes to be used on nulls to attempt to de-nullify them. (Life's a Glitch)


  • Hue Branch is modelled after Q Branch from the James Bond movies. He invented all of James Bond's weapons he used in the movies.
  • Hue Branch was voiced by Christopher Gaze.