Holomark hologram

Holomark is a greeting card company operating in Mainframe. They deliver hologram greeting cards through out the system. Mike the TV worked for the company for a short time. His hologram would appear before the message of the sender. He would say, "Why, it's a hologram by Holomark! When you care enough to project the very best, send Holomark!"


Hologram delivery


Bob watching a Holomark hologram

Bob and Dot Matrix had a big fight and Enzo Matrix was trying to get them back together. Phong advised him that, "Broken friendship is best mended by tragedy or apology." So Enzo made two hologram cards for them. He sent a hologram to Bob with a faked apology message from Dot on it. Then he sent a hologram to Dot witha faked apology message from Bob on it. The two meet at Floating Point Park as agreed on the fake cards. They quickly figured out Enzo's trick and things were worse than ever. (The TIFF)


  • Holomark is a parody of the Hallmark greeting card company.
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