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Hidden File Commands starting to cover Bob and Dot

A Hidden File Command is a small gold disk that can hide programs from view. They are somewhat advanced as they are not found in Mainframe. The Super Computer maintains a stokepile of the little devices.

Bob went to the Super Computer in order to keep Megabyte from using a portal leading there. Once through the portal it destabilized and turn back into a tear. Bob grabed three hidden file commands and quickly returned to Mainframe to save Dot Matrix from Megabyte.

Once there, one hidden file command cloaked the tear and then the other two commands moved over Bob and Dot and hide them as well. Megabyte thought they were Return Commands and that they had gone back to Dot's Diner, and ran off to find them. In the empty space where Bob and Dot stood, Bob could be heard saying, "Hidden File Commands, You gotta love 'em." (The Tearing)


  • A hidden directory or hidden file on a computer is a directory (folder) or file which is not shown to the User by default.