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The Hero Selective

The Hero Selective is a group of Spectrals reformated into Sprites living in the Spectral System. They were formed in order to combat the Game Cubes when they began loading into the system. Spectrals are unable to reboot, so a small group of them volunteered to reformat into sprites.

The members of the Hero Selective are Robert Cursor, Pixel, Powerlock, Email, Gigagirl, Copy Girl, Feline, and Cold Boot. The headquarters of the Hero Selective is the Hard Drive, a large cave in the mountains outside the city.

Hard Drive entrance

When they were not allowed to return to being Spectrals the Heroes stopped fighting Games and let the Cubes damage the system. The Spectrals believed the Heroes had been seduced by the love of their Sprite forms and were unworthy of rejoining the Spectral population.

Matrix, AndrAIa, and Frisket entered the system via Game Hopping, and helped the Spectrals and Heroes dissolve there differences. When they started working together they found that Powerlock and one of the Spectrals were actually viruses in disguise. They were planning to destroy the system but the Heroes and Spectrals were able to stop them with the help of Matrix and AndrAIa. Powerlock was deleted by Matrix and the Spectral Virus was decompiled by the Spectrals. (Where No Sprite Has Gone Before)


  • The people seen in the Spectral System were modeled after the characters on Star Trek: The Original Series, and on comic book superheroes.
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