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Helen Chapman

Helen Chapman was the Director of Merchandising and Licensing for ReBoot.

Helen has been involved in entertainment and character licensing since 1989 when she joined Nelvana's then newly developed Merchandising and Licensing Division. Subsequently, she has worked on several worldwide multimillion-dollar licensing campaigns. Previous to her involvement in the film and television industry, Helen had an extensive career and formal training in the field of arts administration for both the performing and visual arts, thus providing her with a solid background in the management of intellectual properties.

Helen Chapman joined Mainframe Entertainment Inc., in 1996 as Director of Merchandising and Licensing after leaving her position at Alliance Multimedia, a division of Alliance Communications Corporation, where she previously managed the licensing of the ReBoot property, something she continued to do at Mainframe. She organised merchandise agreements with companies like 'Pacific Systems Control Technology Inc' to create the ReBoot Toys.

"ReBoot offers a profusion of astounding digital imagery that can be easily translated into state-of-the-art merchandise" said Helen. "Viewership for 'ReBoot' continues to rise as we build on the family viewing theme and attract new audiences outside the series' traditional market."

Aside from Mainframe's merchandising and licensing activities, Helen oversaw the Art Department, which offers creative services and support to Mainframe's clientele and administers broadcast and distribution sales.

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