The Hard Drive

The Hard Drive is a large cave that serves as the headquarters of the Hero Selective in the Spectral System. The cave is hidden in the mountain range surrounding the systems city. Inside there is a large array of computer consoles, a trophy case, holding cell, and a bar. The Hard Drive also appears to serve as the living quarters for the selective.


The Hard Drive

The Hero Selective was formed soon after Game Cubes began loading into the Spectral System. Spectrals are not capable of rebooting, so a small group of them reformated into sprites so that they could enter the Games. However, when they wished to return to their original format, the other spectrals refused, believing that they had been seduced by their new fleshy bodies.


Holding Cell

The Selective moved into the mountains and built the Hard Drive in a cave and used it as a base of operations to attack the city and allow the Games to damage the system. This was meant to presure the Spectrals to allow the Heros to reformat into Spectrals.


Hard Drive entrance

When Matrix and AndrAIa arrived in the system they helped bring an end to the fighting and exposed the two viruses hiding within the Hero Selective and the Spectrals. When the leader of the Selective, Robert Cursor was deleted, their leadership fell to Pixel. She and the leader of the Spectrals agreed that the fighting would end and that they would work together to fix the system and defend against the Games.

It is unknown what became of the Hard Drive after peace was declared. (Where No Sprite Has Gone Before)

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