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Gigagirl is a spectral reformatted to be a sprite living in the Spectral System. Spectrals are not capable of rebooting, so when Game Cubes began entering the system a small group of spectrals volunteered to be reformatted into sprites so they could fight the Games. Each gained special powers, Gigagirl can change into a large muscular woman.

The new sprites called themselves the Hero Selective. Other members of the Hero Selective are Robert Cursor, Powerlock, Copy Girl, Feline, Email, Pixel, and Cold Boot. When they were not allowed to return to being Spectrals, the Heroes stopped fighting Games and let the Cubes damage the system.

Matrix and AndrAIa entered the system by a Game Cube and helped the Spectrals and Heroes dissolve their differences.

When they started working together, they found that Powerlock and one of the Spectrals were actually viruses in disguise. They were planning to destroy the system, but the Spectrals and Hero Selective captured the Spectral Virus and questioned him. He started to scream how they would never stop his brother, but Pixel grabbed him and rendered him unconscious. They soon found out the other virus was Powerlock. They fought Powerlock in the Principal Office and deleted him. Robert Cursor was injured in the fight and deleted in Gigagirl's arms.


  • "Giga-" is a prefix in the International System of Units system denoting 109, or 1,000,000,000 (1 thousand million).
  • Gigagirl was voiced by Venus Terzo.
  • Her ability to change into an amazon may be inspired by Marvel Comics' She-Hulk.