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Giedi Prime

Giedi Prime, also called G-Prime, is Mainframe's main industrial sector, as well as a place for some of Mainframe's less reputable citizens to gather. Al's Wait & Eat cafe is located there near the outer base of the Principal Office, on the feared Level 31.

Giedi Prime is located between Baudway Sector and Wall Street.

Silicon Tor

When Mainframe's Twin City was destroyed the virus Megabyte arrived in Mainframe. He quickly began infecting Giedi Prime, wanting it for its industrial buildings so he could build an army. On the outer edge of the sector he built his headquarters, a large tower named Silicon Tor, from which he ruled Giedi Prime.

Megabyte used Giedi Prime to stage several attacks on the Principal Office and on his sister, Hexadecimal, on the island of Lost Angles. When he stole the Medusa Bug from Hex, Giedi Prime became the first sector to be infected by the small viral bug.

Giedi Prime seen from the Principal Office

Megabyte's domination of G-Prime is extensive thanks to massive army of viral Binomes and ABCs. The Principal Office was only ever able to retake one of the sub-sectors that make up Giedi Prime when Phong, Dot, and Bob eventually organized the retaking of one sector, registering its inhabitants with the Principal Office and being able to reformat the sector into an Energy Park. (Identity Crisis, Part 2)

Firewall around G-Prime

During the Viral Wars, Phong and Mouse came up with the idea of putting an inverted firewall around Giedi Prime to imprison Megabyte and Hexadecimal. They were successful, and for a time the viral threat was contained. Eventually Hexadecimal broke free of Megabytes control, destroying the Silicon Tor and overloading the firewall. During the battle between the two viruses Giedi Prime was severely damaged, causing Megabyte to take the Principal Office as his new base.

Giedi Prime being restored

When the system crashed and was later restored by the User, Giedi Prime was restored and a viral scan removed the infection from it, erasing the Silicon Tor.

Giedi Prime after the Viral Wars

During the Net War, Giedi Prime's industrial buildings were invaluable to the city in constructing forces able to fight off Daemon. When Megabyte returned, he established a makeshift base in its depths where he could set up the Gateway Command.


  • The spelling of the sector Ghetty Prime was corrected by show creator Gavin Blair on Facebook to Giedi Prime on a Facebook post. This post is referenced in this ReBoot blog.
  • The name "Giedi Prime" is a reference to the Harkonnen homeworld, Giedi Prime, from the classic sci-fi novel, Dune.
  • G-Prime was commonly misconceived as being short for "Ghetty Prime". Gavin Blair clarified on Facebook on December 24, 2014 that it was actually short for Giedi Prime, a more direct reference to the world from Dune.