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A Gibson Coil Pike

A Gibson Coil Pike is the primary weapon of a Code Master. It is a long staff, with a wire coiled around it and an oval shaped orb on one end. A pike can be split in two and carried on a Code Masters back. A Gibson Coil Pike extremely powerful, and more than capable of rendering a Guardian Key Tool inoperative by sealing it in a Ultra-High Density Near-Field Time Lock Mechanism, similar to a force field. They can also seal other people inside a File Lock.

End of a Gibson Coil

Gibson Coil Pike's can open gateways into closed systems, fire powerful energy blasts, and trap others in file-locks.

Gibson Coil Pikes can also send out energy beams the levitate objects into the air, or to lasso objects and pull them out of the sky. A skilled Code Master can use his Pike to grab fast moving objects out of the sky and imobilize them.

Gibson Coil Pike locking Glitch

Gibson Coil Pikes can easily destroy buildings and large portions of cities. Lens was looking for the Code Master Talon, and when he began searching Mainframe he used his Pike to tear the city apart, sector by sector. It is theorized that a Gibson Coil Pike is powerful enough to destroy an entire system.

Gibson Coil Pikes are incapable of working within a Game Cube. If a Code Master goes into a Game the Pike will not function. The time lock mechanism that Lens' Pike created around Glitch continued to work within the Cube, but the Pike was incapable of removing the time lock while within the Cube.

Mr. Pearson/Talon's Gibson Coil Pike

Lens finally located Talon, when it was revieled that Talon had denounced the Code Master Guild and became Mr. Pearson. Mr. Pearson told Lens to go away and broke his own Gibson Coil Pike over his knee. So while powerful the Pike itself is made of a material easily broken, making it slightly fragile.

Gibson Coil and the Paradigm Shift

Pikes are also capable of creating a Paradigm Shift in a system's sky. Based on the name, it is surmised that a Paradigm shift would allow a code master to alter the very fabric of the affected system. Likely one of the most potent and deadly abilities of the code masters, Bob was unwilling to let this happen in Mainframe. (High Code)