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George Roman Samilski

George Roman Samilski was the director of ReBoot: Daemon Rising movie (2001), later syndicated as separate episodes making up its fourth season.

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, George has directed CG animated television shows for over ten years and is also well-versed in the language and aspects of the live action film industry. His specialties include directing motion capture actors, voice actors, editing scripts and supervision of CGI animation and visual effects.

A classically-trained animator with experience in both the television and video game industry, George attended Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design for his foundation degree between 1989 and 1990. He then enrolled with Sheridan College in 1993, and returned to Vancouver to begin his career at video game giant, Electronic Arts, involved in the creation of EA's best-selling baseball franchise, "Triple Play Baseball". He began his career in the animation industry as an animator for Bardel. After a number of years he had the opportunity to make the jump to television production at Vancouver-based CG animation house, Mainframe Entertainment Inc. in 1995. An animator on the first season of "Beast Wars - Transformers", George quickly became part of Mainframe's first IMAX ride-film and began his directing career shortly afterward.

His Mainframe directing credits included the series "War Planets – Shadow Raiders", "Action Man", "Beast Machines", and the ReBoot CGI movie "Daemon Rising".

George left Mainframe after six years with the public company for an opportunity to rejoin old friends at Electronic Arts and work as Cinematics Supervisor on best-selling titles such as 'NBA Street Vol.2' and 'SSX3' as well as multiple R&D projects from 2001. Ultimately, George returned to his love of story-telling and worked as a Director at 'Nerd Corps Entertainment', on the children's television series, "Dragon Booster" (2004).

Since 2001 to present day George has been directing for film with Vancouver Film School. His career has taken him to San Francisco, where he worked at Skywalker Ranch's Lucasfilm Animation as a Guest Director on the highly anticipated CGI-animated series, "Star Wars: Clone Wars" (2007) and then back to Vancouver, wrapping work on Nerd Corps Entertainment's high-profile, latest animated series "Storm Hawks".

From 1999 George has picked up various awards including the Houston World Fest Gold Award for "Best Computer Animated Show", USA International Film Festival Gold Award, Gemini Award for Best Animated Series and nominated a Leo Award for "Best Direction/Storyboarding".

Having worked as an animator and director in the video game and television industry for almost 15 years, George has recently accepted an exciting new position at 'Image Engine', as the film division's Pre-Visualization Supervisor from July 2007 and onwards.