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Defensives - Guard Game Sprites

Game Sprites are artificial intelligence sprites that exist in Game Cubes. When a Game Cube loads into a system and traps some of the city's inhabitants it will check how many are in the Cube. If there are not enough to properly run the Game, it will load Game Sprites to fill the empty positions.

Chaotic - Octopus Game Sprite

Game Sprites do not have icons. They have triangular back-ups they wear so that the Game can load them into itself. If a Sprite is deleted, the Game will reload it into the next one using their back-up.

Aggressives - Prisoner Game Sprites

There are five types of Game Sprites. They are:

1. Aggressives: They only attack the User, or anyone they think is the User.

2. Defensives: They try to block or delay anything that comes their way.

3. Chaotic: They are the most dangerous. They try to destroy anything that moves, User or Mainframer alike.

4. Passives: They try to help by revealing information about the Game.

5. Artificial Intelligence: They change their programming based on the player's actions. They are considered potential threats since they can adapt, and learn and become better opponents.

Passive - Gargoyle Head Game Sprite

Game Sprites come in any shape and form possible. Some have a more human appearance and others are animal-like. Some are as intelligent as a standard system sprite, but most are simple and only know enough to fulfill their function. Usually Game Sprites are seen guarding something within the Game, and do not actively go after the User or the system's inhabitants. The only time they usually attack is if someone gets too close to what they're guarding.

Game Sprite Back-up

Artificial Intelligence - AndrAIa

AndrAIa is a Game Sprite from the Treasure of Atlantis Game, which is where she met Enzo Matrix. She decided to try and stay with him, so she put her back-up on Enzo's icon. When the Game left, it thought AndrAIa was Enzo, and released her into the city. When Bob touched the back-up, AndrAIa reactivated in Mainframe. She is the only Game Sprite to ever leave a Game Cube. (AndrAIa)

Later, by downloading data from Enzo's icon, AndrAIa's back-up was reformated into an icon itself.

Enzo, AndrAIa, and Frisket ended up trapped in a Game they could not win, and tapped their icons to change themselves into Game Sprite back-ups, calling this process changing to Game Mode. When the User won, the Game nullified the sector but instead of nullifying Enzo, AndrAIa and Frisket, it took them with it as Game Sprites. They were loaded into another Game Cube in a different system and were later continually loaded into more as they tried to find Mainframe. This process is called Game Hopping.